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Why Dr. Steve is Passionate About Chiropractic Care

Dr. Steve Hruby

After I had just graduated out of college, I was working as a server in a restaurant. During one of my work shifts, I was carrying a load of heavy trays and completely threw out my lower back. My friend, who was a massage therapist, had recommended a chiropractor, but at the time, I had never had any experience with chiropractors and was one of the biggest skeptics in the world. However, I took my friend’s advice, got treated, educated, and got really quick results which was incredible to me.

There was one other incident that completely astounded me after being treated by this chiropractor. You see, as a young kid, I had suffered from horrible allergies my whole life, constantly sniffling and rubbing my nose. I had been through all the allergy medications and injections and by the time I was 16, I had said, “I’d rather suffer with allergies than be on all these medications.”

One month after being treated by the chiropractor who had been working on my lower back, I had seen someone suffering with allergies while we were golfing. All of a sudden, I had noticed the allergies that I have always suffered with were just gone! I’ll be honest and say my allergies were about 90-95% completely solved after seeing this chiropractor. I learned that it is not uncommon that when someone comes in for chiropractic’s on specific issue, other issues may be solved as well.

I’ve been a chiropractor for over 18 years and I’m honestly more passionate today than I’ve ever been. At the end of the day, my core passion is helping people which gives me the greatest joy. With chiropractic, I see all the ways I can help people with so many different issues. Most people don’t realize chiropractic is dealing with the nervous system, which deals with the function of your body meaning it can affect your mood, sleep, even the way you express emotions. It affects your life at a very fundamental level.

Why Kaizen Progressive Health is Successful

I started this clinic, originally, because I was very interested in integrative medicine. Ultimately, I was looking for the right place for me where I could combine all the benefits of having multiple practitioners with different skill sets within the same clinic, but it just wasn’t available out there. Most existing integrative models were pain clinics where they are typically focused on managing pain with medication and surgery. Therefore, I created a place where we solve pain and keep people away from medication and surgery. At KaiZen Progressive Health we are able to offer medical services and we can also offer other services under the same roof, such as massage therapy or acupuncture to give our clients the best results.

We’re not just passionate about helping people feel good, but we’re really passionate about people, our community and our connection with them by making this world a better place, helping our community, and contributing to a positive momentum in people’s lives.


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